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Zero Covid may herald the twilight of China’s ‘reform and opening up’ era

The politicized quest to stamp out the coronavirus is damaging the Chinese economy and forcing foreign businesses to rethink their dependency on China China’s ruling Communist Party has developed a reputation for technocratic competence since the dawn of the “reform and opening up” era in the late 1970s. Though the party has squ...

ESG Finance Talent Leads the Industry Forward

ESG is arguably the most popular term in finance today. It is not only of great concern in this industry, but has also spread to other fields such as culture and education. We can visualize the popularity of the term through Google searches (Figure 1). Originally, ESG was a voluntary concept. More recently, financial institutions in many countries ...

Even Without Formal Membership in IPEF, Taiwan may still be able to participate in the initiative

Ever since President Biden announced the policy concept of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) at the 2021 APEC summit, many Asian countries have been watching and waiting. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), IPEF will have four main pillars: fair and resilient trade, a resilient supply chain, infrastructu...

Outflows from China’s Bond Market Driven by the Fed, Ukraine and COVID

Since the pandemic, China has experienced a rapid increase in its trade surplus and foreign investment, bringing its net forex receipts to a record high of $356 billion in 2021. However, the trend ended in February 2022, which is the first net outflow after 22 months of inflow. Analyzing China's current and financial accounts, conclusions can be dr...

New Business Models in the Era of ‘Coexistence with Covid’

The dawn of the post-pandemic era has arrived. One after another, Western nations have opened up, and Japan and South Korea have also eased entry restrictions. Meanwhile, the pandemic in Taiwan is now entering its twilight. Taiwan has learned a lot about epidemic control after nearly three years of hands-on experience. With a gradual return to norm...

As the world reopens, it is finding digital finance is now a part of everyday life

As the pandemic eases, the world is gradually reopening. The United Kingdom took the lead in lifting all pandemic prevention regulations, and various US states have also lifted indoor mask orders. Since mid-May, masks are no longer required in EU countries while traveling by air. European nations such as Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Croat...
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