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Digital Inclusion Must Start with a Definition of the Problem

With the rise of central bank currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain systems around the world, governments everywhere hope not to fall behind. Excepting a few financial hubs, however, digital empowerment is not just a matter of prestige for its own sake. The immense possibilities and flexibility of digital solutions must be well underst...

Ill-fated Didi IPO signifies new stage in US-China financial decoupling

Beijing’s harsh reaction to Didi Chuxing’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange could divert a large number of future Chinese IPOs from the US to Hong Kong  Prior to Didi Chuxing’s ill-fated IPO on June 30, U.S.-China financial-decoupling had largely been a one-way street. It was Washington – and specifically Con...

TABF Green Finance Event Analyzes Taxonomies, Project Financing for Taiwanese Bankers

Investors around the world are paying more attention to green indicators, but there are many questions about the meaning of results in corporate disclosures. For instance, is the definition of environmental friendliness in one country or industry comparable to that in others? Such questions have necessitated the creation of “green taxonomies,...

New Prescriptions for the Old Symptom of Inflation

Anyone who has studied economics should still remember from their exam questions about income, wages or interest rates to pay attention to the distinction between nominal and real values. Inflation must be deducted from nominal figures to get the real amounts, and price increases have become the key to properly understanding standard of living. For...

The pandemic is accelerating the global fintech boom

Financial technology is changing the business models of financial institutions globally. Digital-first financial services has been beneficial to many people. For example, during the pandemic, mobile payments’ utilization rate in Taiwan has increased significantly, marking an important step in the progression towards a cashless society. In the...

Covid-19 is fast-tracking the digital transformation of the financial sector

 The coronavirus pandemic has upended many industries, with the financial sector no exception. Yet given the increasing use of financial technology (fintech) in finance, the pandemic-induced shift to digitization is an opportunity for many financial firms. For incumbent retail banks, it is imperative to accelerate digitization. Other...
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