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Taiwanese banks go “Eastbound,” following the tech sector to the US

Following the temporary disruption from covid, the financial industry has moved steadily overseas, particularly targeting ASEAN and the US. Overseas profits in the New Southbound region grew from US$ 8.71 billion 1H 2022 to US$ 12.19 billion 1H 2023, an annualized growth rate of 40%. Banks also performed well in the US, growing their profits from U...

Money laundering and Chinese influence become campaign issues in Thailand

Adversity is the mother of innovation, in the world of Southeast Asian organized crime like anywhere else. The region is long been notorious for its lawlessness. The “golden triangle” area between Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos has been known since the 1950s for its opium production. After the drug trade was brought under relative control...

The world awaits: Taiwan's financial sector goes global

Taiwan is an economic miracle not only in terms of its industrial achievements, but also in terms of the wealth it has accumulated. According to the Allianz Global Wealth Report 2022, its net worth per capita is nearly 140,000 euros, behind only the United States, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. This is not just a number, but also a strong driving...

Taiwan’s economy held back by a longer than expected destocking cycle

Although Taiwan has averted another quarter of recession with a cyclical rebound in consumption, the stresses from weak global demand are apparent. As an indispensable part of electronics and semiconductor supply chains, Taiwan’s macro performance shows how these sectors are performing globally, which essentially means the poor short-term out...

Everything you need to know about carbon trading

Carbon trading has been hot topic recently, but the opinions differ widely, causing many businesses to feel at a loss. This article introduces some mainstream international norms. Under the Climate Change Response Act, carbon credits can be divided into two types, in accordance with the timing of the government’s greenhouse gas policy: reduc...

Taiwan's F-ISAC brings it in line with international practices

In recent years, with the growth of fintech and digital transformation in the financial sector, cybersecurity has become significantly more important. In 2020, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) released the Financial Security Action Plan 1.0 so that the public can use safer, more convenient, and uninterrupted financial services. At the end...
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