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Taiwanese banks have multiple paths to participate in ADB financing

The Taiwanese financial sector is generally familiar with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), of which Taiwan is not yet a member, which could be called the ‘United Nations of finance.’ It is however less familiar with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the regional multilateral bank to which it is closest, and of which Taiwan is a me...

Power to the people: how digitalization is impacting card strategies, vendors, and the customer experience

As technology continues to evolve, digital transformation also requires continual evolution and embedding of a bank’s digital implementation strategy. Unlike a project or business transformation, a digital transformation may include a bank’s digitalization agenda and requires a long-term focus on embedding technologies across its busine...

Inclusive Access is not the Same as Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is one of President Lai's major policy proposals, turning the sector into a force for social stability. The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) also recently released the 2023 Financial Inclusion Indicators, which showed excellent performance on a number of measures. The number of banks and ATMs per capita exceeded internatio...

Global Regulators Turn to AI for Myriad Tasks

AI has already benefitted the public directly with a variety of consumer-side applications, but behind the scenes, its rise has also led to a revolution in regtech. Through big data analytics, it can help financial institutions or regulators find problems more easily, and even detect problems in advance. Nevertheless, it also gives rise to a variet...

Chinese money laundering goes analog

Over the past few years, the anti-fraud community has learned the term shazhupan, in which scammers hide behind the anonymity of digital communication and payment platforms, slowly earning the trust of their victims. It turns out that Chinese criminal organizations however also excel at face-to-face operations in the US, particularly when it comes ...

Seeing the light of green finance in the Arabian desert

“The wind reshapes the dunes, but the desert is permanent.” These are the words of a Bedouin girl to a shepherd boy, encouraging him to pursue his dreams. Only by being like the Bedouins will we find the oasis in the vastness of the desert. Dubai is known as the New York of the Muslim world. Every blade of grass and tree in the city is...
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