Financial Research

About Us

The Financial Research Institute (FRI) is the leading financial policy research think tank of TABF in Taiwan that focuses on five main research topics in finance: "Big Data and Digital Finance", "Asia Finance", "Entrepreneurial Finance & Wealth Management", "China Finance" and "Risk Management & Financial Supervision". In response to the rapidly changing business environment in Taiwan, the FRI seeks to deliver research-based essential information and analysis for the development of the financial services industry by frequently publishing op-eds, research reports, research papers, policy analyses, financial Indexes such as FII (Financial Innovation Index), BEI (Banking Executive Index) and holding conferences and forums on banking & finance. At the FRI, we are dedicated to provide policy solutions and suggestions as a forward-looking vision in the government and financial services industries.

Competitive Advantages

The FRI(Financial Research Institute) contributes to Taiwan's financial society by :

  • Enhancing authority-industry collaborations by creating opportunities of dialogues for co-ideation among regulators and practitioners.
  • Integrating and leveraging opinions from the regulatory authorities, academia, and industry in our advisory role to address the critical issues surrounding the financial industry in Taiwan.

Business Framework

Research Project
  • Two types of reaserch projects are performed, one is "Self-Initiated research", and the other is "Commissioned research".
  • Coordinating government policies with financial pulsation via '5 research centers.
  • Establishing databases for China financial markets and formulating the Financial Innovation Index.
  • Featured Snippets
Forums & Seminars
  • The Taiwan's financial forums are organized on monthly basis to congregate idea, stimulate innovations and enhance our research capacities.
  • Advancing communication with financial knowledge.
  • Issuing periodical publications, including Quarterly Journal on China & Taiwan Financial Markets, Whitepaper for the Future of Banking in Taiwan, and Newsletter for the latest developmnents of China's Financial Markets.
Library Management
  • In collaboration with the publication and communication center, the institute aims to build our Library as the hub of financial knowledge which transfers for benefits of the whole society.