Financial Training & Development

About Us

In pursuit of best learning experiences for our clients, Financial Training & Development Institute (FTDI) incorporates mobile technology, big data analytics, computer simulations and many other innovative approaches to expedite the progress of capacity building. The training programs offered by FTDI cover wide array of topics for practitioners from various areas of financial services to catch up with market momentum in ways that suit them best. The training topics are designed around the most pressing issues to be addressed by the banking industry, such as digital transformation, regulatory compliance, risk management, corporate governance, etc, so as to prepare financial practitioners for the complexities in the ever changing world of banking.

Competitive Advantages

Our training programs, which are developed on the competency-driven structures, aim to align learning objectives and outcomes with the expected business performance. With this approach, we direct banking practitioners to take systematic learning paths and move up in career ladders. To improve the overall financial literacy of Taiwan's society, not only bankers, but also the general public can benefit from our training programs which are available anytime & anywhere through our powerful e-learning system that is designed to realize the spirits "Ubiquitous Learning".

Business Framework