Overseas Business

About Us

  • The Institute serves as the international hub of financial knowledge transfer, which gives forward-looking learning solutions to help bankers thrive on their career life.
  • The learning solutions provided by the Institute are distinct and diversified. It integrates expert trainers from worldwide to connect bankers with the market momentum in the financial world. With topics and training pedagogy catered to the needs of bankers from different functional areas, the training programs offered by the Institute are best placed to help bankers :
    • Get equipped with right strategic tools to harness the opportunities and challenges ahead.
    • Build competitive advantages in their professions.
    • Fuel up imagination and passion for the future of banking.

Competitive Advantages

  • Training programs designed to fill the gap of knowledge and skills throughout different roles and business functions in banking.
  • Congregation of bespoke training experts from worldwide to deliver insights from global banking practices.
  • Rigorous systematic curriculum design to create learning experiences that accelerate capacity building process.
  • Dynamic training environments integrating various types of hands-on activities, including case studies, simulations, etc, to boost learning impacts.
  • Dedicated workforce to manage training logistics efficiently for superior customer experiences.
  • Wide range of options for the locations & forms of training are offered to accommodate with different training demands.

Business Framework

  • International Trainings
    The target participants of our international training events cover financial practitioners from both of Taiwan and overseas banking communities. To deliver on our commitments for developing financial talents, five categories of trainings, that are catered to learning needs of different groups of audience are provided.
  • Featured Trainings for Core Talents
    ITDP (International Talent Development Program)
    • Driving professional growth of young high potential bankers for them to get prepared for the complexities of global markets.
    • Diversified learning events integrating case-based training workshops and overseas study trips.
    GEAR (Growing Elites for Asia Region Program)
    • The program is comprised of executive forums, training workshop series and overseas study tour visits.
    • With inputs from expert speakers from around the Asia, the program is featured by valuable learning opportunities integrating strategic insights with practical banking knowledge for bankers.
    ATPSB (Advanced Training Programs For Senior Bankers)
    • The program aims to introduce best banking practices from internaotional markets. The training faculty is comprised of experts with prominent experiences in banking & training to facilitate learning & problem-solving for bankers.
    • Blended training approaches, integrating case studies & simulations to create best learning performance.
  • Featured Seminars for Core Talents
    BEAP(Bank Examiners and Auditors Conference)
    • It aims to share expert intelligence about international transformation of financial supervision.
    • This program is designed primarily for the senior financial supervisors, examiners, senior executives, and internal auditors of the financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region.
    AFSC (Asia Financial Supervision Conference)
    • This program is to facilitate knowledge exchange among Asian financial supervisors, forging constructive partnerships and catalyzing new economic collaborations among each member in Asia's banking communities.
    • It aims to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among senior executives from financial supervisory authorities in southeast asian countries.