Conference on latest banking developments in Central and Eastern EuropeMarch 05, 2019

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Erste Group Bank is one of largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the past 200 years, the bank has grown from a regional savings bank in Austria to a multinational financial empire proudly overlooking it’s far-reaching market territory across 7 countries covering 2,500 branches in Europe. As an advocate for financial inclusion, the spectacular evolution of the bank speaks loudly for the value that it has inherited from the 200 years legacy, that is “Banking products and services should be accessible to everyone”.

The philosophy and business strategy underpinning the success of Erste Group Bank would definitely illuminate the market intelligence for the rest part of global banking community, especially those craving for the power to transcend national boundaries. The Bankers Association of R.O.C as a professional body represented by all banks in Taiwan, is hereby to extend warm invitations to CEO of Erste Bank, and other representatives designated by the bank for visiting Taiwan and building connections with the local banking community. The invitation serves as our kind gesture to open opportunities of dialogues, knowledge exchange, and collaborations between the banking industries of Austria and Taiwan.

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