International FinTech Conference III-Proactive Cybersecurity to Guard against Data Breaches & Financial Crimes in Fintech EnvironmentsSeptember 5, 2019

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The question of fintech has long attracted attention from banks. In this event, entitled Proactive Cybersecurity to Guard against Data Breaches & Financial Crimes in Fintech Environments, the topic and its applications for banks were carefully analyzed. Data security has always been an issue in computing, but with the growth of the mobile internet, the proliferation of smart devices, and the increasing interconnection between technology, the internet, and financial consumption, it has become a more important threat. With the growth of more convenient financial services, security has become an unavoidable topic from the office and server room, extending on to general business operations.

In May of 2019, the Bankers Association organized an Israel Fintech and Cybersecurity Delegation to visit cybersecurity startups and understand the Israeli government’s current efforts. Taiwan can learn from international experience. In this event, using the latest international cases, domestic and international finance cybersecurity experts were invited to carefully analyze the current state of digital transformation and the risk points in most need of attention. These include APIs, the cloud, mobile environments, the know your customer (KYC) process, identity verification, and database controls. The use of AI to prevent online financial crime was discussed. The event allowed participants to grasp emerging changes and optimize Taiwan’s security competitiveness.

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