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Narrowing the Chasm Between Study and Practice

After 10 years of discussions and preparations, the first batch of high school students on the 2019 curriculum has finally completed their college entrance exams and started university life. This class has spent a lot of effort on its learning journey. Will they be able to truly implement its vision of “success for every child” after co...

Shinzo Abe had a metamorphic effect on Japan-Taiwan relations

The late Japanese prime minister transformed bilateral ties for the better, helping the two nations gradually loosen the constraints of Japan’s once-hidebound one-China policy In July, Taiwanese Vice President William Lai visited Japan to pay respects to erstwhile Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Though Lai’s trip was private, it w...

Outflows from China’s bond market driven by the FED, Ukraine and COVID

Since the pandemic, China has experienced a rapid increase in the trade surplus and foreign investment, bringing its net forex receipts to a record high of $356 billion in 2021. However, the trend ended in February 2022, which is the first net outflow after 22 months of inflow. Analyzing China's current and financial accounts, conclusions can be dr...

The Line Between Finance and Value is Blurring

Bitcoin has dropped by 32% from the beginning of 2022 to June 17, to US$ 20,555. If calculated from the highest price in the first half of the year of US$ 31,784, it has dropped by 35%; the price in New Taiwan dollars has fallen from about 1.36 million yuan to 615,000. In particular, on June 12, it fell 15% in a single day, and another 11% on June ...

Taiwan’s Prudence Supports its Economic and Financial Transformation

Since early 2020, the pandemic has had a profound impact on global economic and financial markets. Many countries responded with expansionary fiscal or monetary policies. It took until March this year for several major central banks to raise rates. Taiwan’s performance in this wave of the pandemic has been commendable, and S&P Global Rati...

The Risk of a US Hard Landing is Increasing

In early 2022, the resurgence of the Omicron variant escalated pressure on an already chaotic supply chain situation and worsened production shortages. Later, the war in Ukraine increased international prices of commodities such as energy and grains. Soaring inflation forced central banks to tighten their policies. The latest Global Economic Outloo...
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