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When Fiscal Discipline Meets Financial Fortune

Problems that can be solved by money are not the most serious problems. This year, tax revenue for the whole year exceeded the amount scheduled to be received at the beginning of the year. The good fortune of too much money has caused debate about excessive taxation, turning wealth itself into a problem. I hope that Taiwan’s financial awaren...

Climate reporting: Is transparency the answer to imperfection?

The measurement and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within supply chains (so-called ‘Scope 3’ emissions) is a fundamental component of plans to address climate change. However, for those expecting more clarity on how these emissions should be measured and reported, the recent COP27 may have been a missed opportunity. Indee...

Zero Covid will have lasting effects on the Chinese economy

Xi Jinping is often described as China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. Like the Great Helmsman, he puts politics first and takes ideology seriously. ver since becoming China’s leader a decade ago, Xi has consistently sought to assert greater Communist Party control over all aspects of Chinese society – even when the polic...

Non-financial risk will be the regulatory theme of the 2020s

Throughout the 2010s, as the world rebounded from the financial crisis, regulators around the world were intently focused on macroprudential reforms. Today, however, with the financial sector having weathered the pandemic and the market turmoil following the war in Ukraine, they are increasingly turning their scrutiny to non-financial risk. In ord...

Innovation and digitalization are needed to forge market niches

Joey Chen, the new Chair of the Taiwan Securities Association, an industry body with an important role in Taiwan’s capital market, is an industry veteran. He has seen the impact of digital finance on securities, but believes that traditional firms will keep their important role. The key for them is to continue grasping the digital trend. The ...

The Bankers Association plays a vital role in Taiwan’s banking industry

Constrained by the uncertainty of the global pandemic, the international economy and global markets have undergone drastic changes over the past three years. Taiwan’s economy grew 3.39% in 2020, and 6.53% in 2021. The latest 2022 forecast by the General Office of the Accounting and Statistics is 3.06%, but economic forecasts show that the vol...
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