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Taiwan’s mixed ownership listed banks each respond to recent policies in their own ways

The domestic banking system includes three banks which are 100% publicly owned and controlled: Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank, and China Export-Import Bank. Besides them, thare are several mixed ownership (private and public) listed banks with market dominance: Chang Hwa Bank, First Bank, Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Mega Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, and ...

A Plan to Thrive Under Cyber Harassment

On August, China responded to the Taiwan visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with attacks designed to intimidate it and its allies. The kinetic portion of these operations featured a Taipei missile overflight and operations off its coasts, but these responses remained physically distant from the Taiwanese people. Therefore, China also targeted T...

China Airlines flies relies on freight to make Taiwan’s logistics flow smoothly despite headwinds

Globally, the aviation industry is facing operational difficulties due to the pandemic. China Airlines, a publicly owned Taiwanese company, has however been able to buck the trend and become one of the few profitable players in the industry. The key to its success has been its leader. At this critical moment, Hsieh Shih-chien, a senior executiv...

Dollar cost averaging helps create investment discipline

In March 2020, due to the emerging pandemic, the Taiwan stock market hit a low of 8,523 points. However, two years after unlimited US monetary easing, ample liquidity drove the market more than 10,000 points up to 18,619 points. Investment has become a national trend in Taiwan. In particular, many young investors have been putting their money i...

Looking forward to a new era of state-owned business

Under clear instructions both not to let Chang Hua Bank fall into the hands of Taishin Financial Holdings, and not let Taishin Financial Holdings suffer, after 17 years, the Chang Hua equity case has finally ended. The parties finally found a mutually acceptable solution, allowing both to set off on their own paths. Looking back at this process of ...

Taiwan can handle China’s latest weaponization of economics

Since the election of President Tsai Ing-wen in 2016, China has steadily ratcheted up pressure on Taiwan. Economic warfare has been integral to Beijing’s campaign to punish Taipei for refusing to accept the discredited governance model of “one country, two systems” used in Hong Kong and Macau. While the sanctions have hurt certa...
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