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At the Center of a Power Struggle, Taiwan Must Strengthen its Financial Resilience

Followingthe outbreak of the Ukraine war, a broad cross-section of countries imposed unprecedented financial sanctions on the Russian central bank. With the integration of global financial markets, financial warfare has become much more powerful than before. At a seminar held by TABF, central bank and financial industry experts reminded us that Tai...

Asia’s growth consolidating in 2022 but with major risks

Aftera fast technical rebound in the first half 2021, Asia GDP growth quickly sagged in the second half of the year, as Covid-related suppression measures were tightened and supply chain constrains continued to bite. The power crunch in China and the several defaults of real estate developers and the forced deleveraging also pushed down growth in C...

Hong Kong: From a Global Offshore Financial Center to a Mainland China-centric One

Hong Kong's offshore financial sector has been highly successful, at least when measured by increased size. The bank assets-to-GDP ratio expanded from 462% in 2002 to 921% in 2021. Since the introduction of the currency board in 1983, Hong Kong has managed to keep the currency pegged and stable amid the political risks that have arisen from time to...

A Farewell to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has finally stepped off the political stage, but in her five years in office, she presided over a Hong Kong that changed dramatically from the city we knew before. As the next chief executive prepares to take over, we sincerely hope that this city which was once a close friend of Taiwan’s will thrive in th...

The Next Wave of Financial Sector Immigrants May Speak Fluent Chinese

“There may well be room for people to say that a number of decisions and announcements made by the HKSAR Government relating to the Covid-19 pandemic have seemed to be: lacking in logic or common sense; riddled with inconsistencies; short on empathy and human understanding; detached from local personal and business realities; focused o...

Can Taiwan and Lithuania maintain their newfound close ties?

Much work remains to upgrade the bilateral relationship to a strategic level In late December, the Taiwanese government purchased about 20,000 bottles of Lithuanian rum destined for China that would have been prevented from entering the country due to informal economic sanctions Beijing placed on Vilnius. Ties between China and Lithuania have been ...
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