Taiwan’s Wealth Gap Needs Attention and Action

As a gift to Taiwan, the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, which turns 40 this year, has published the country’s first Taiwan Financial Life Survey. Based on over 22,000 questionnaires, the survey details the experiences of Taiwanese people in income, expenditure, savings, lending, and insurance. In contrast to other household income a...

The Pandemic Will Leave a Changed Financial Sector

During the coronavirus pandemic, the transformation of the financial sector has been fast-tracked. Social distancing measures have forced financial institutions and their customers to move online and make greater use of the cloud. In some cases, the transition has been bumpy, but for the most part, the process has been smoother than expected. Years...

Taiwanese Banks Should Build on the Success of the Semiconductor Industry

This year, after years of cultivating technical talent, and through the good judgement of its key decision makers, Taiwan upstaged the US in a way that will reverberate for years. Taiwan's handling of the COVID crisis has attracted worldwide attention, but another, quieter achievement will also probably be equally recognized among business leader...

Continuously Rising Housing Prices may Harm Growth

Taiwan has an 85% homeownership rate, and about 88% of those are single-family houses. Rising housing prices will make life more difficult for families with only one house – much less those with none. Higher prices mainly benefit real estate investors and those with multi-family houses. The negative effects on GDP and productivity need to be ...

FinTech Taipei Forum 2020 Showcases Progress in Finance, Taiwan’s Adaptability

In a video available on YouTube, Albert Einstein has some words of advice for the world. “Mankind is at war with an invisible enemy, and we are all in this together. Please stay inside your houses to contain COVID-19. Keep your distance, and make sure to wash your hands. Together, we will defeat the coronavirus, so the world can be at peace o...

Financial Stability Depends on the Real Estate Market

 Central banks have responded to the pandemic-induced downturn by sharply lowering interest rates and firing up their money printers, driving hot money into real estate. Prices and transaction volumes in a number of markets have begun to rise. Taiwan, which is no stranger to real estate speculation, looks increasingly attractive to global inve...


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