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Financial Knowledge Promotion Center

With a philosophy of “disseminating financial knowledge and popularizing financial education,” the Publication & Communication Institute has built up high-quality expert financial knowledge platforms. It has been involved in financial publications for a long time, issuing the Taiwan Banker magazine and publishing a variety of specialized financial books.

As FinTech has continued to be a hot topic, the Institute has translated excellent overseas books for the local market, and invited internal researchers to cooperate with external experts to co-author FinTech. Besides serving as a reference for the TABF FinTech knowledge test, the text is also suitable for related courses at colleges and universities, and can be used as important

As the world places increasing importance on inclusive financial education, TABF has produced and broadcast a series of financial education videos based on financial literacy research by the UN and OECD, improving social financial literacy through TV, online video platforms, and physical courses.

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