2020 International Talent Development Program (ITDP)July 3, 2020

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International Talent Development Program (ITDP) is a training initiative mandated by Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC, the highest Financial Authority in Taiwan) to bolster Taiwan’s competitive strengths in global banking. The ITDP is committed to driving business innovations in Taiwan’s banking community. With series of training workshops combined with overseas study tour visit and the team-based project report at the end of the program, ITDP aims to provide forward-looking perspectives for the community’s high potentials in a way that gear their learning process toward being innovative & effective to embrace the opportunities and manage challenges of the changing landscape in global banking business.

The 2020 ITDP is designed to foster mid-level executives of wealth management business in banks to acquire the key competencies to tackle the new market challenges nowadays. The participants have at least 8 workshops within 4 months in Taiwan including the external study in Hsinchu, and finally developing their team report at the end. Skills-building workshops in the 2020 ITDP are comprised of five modules: “Module A: Contemplating what global macro economy & banking, regulations, technologies, and market competition are telling us about the future of WM services, “Module B: Innovating business models from views of customers journey : BM & process revolution”, “Module C: The portfolio and innovations products / services of wealth management”, “Module D: Performance management and risk management of wealth management” and “Module E: Communicating and leading agilely to maximize creativity and productivity”.