Agreements, Model Contracts, and Case Practice for Offshore Wind Power Project Financing

2019/4/1 上午 12:00:00

Offshore wind power is a major infrastructure item for Taiwan. The European financing model relies mostly on project finance, so the Taiwanese government should establish a fair and independent third-party certification platform for offshore power, and assist the banking industry to establish a project finance strategy conducive to wind farm construction and expansion of investement and financing opportunities for banks. Topics like third-party international model authentication mechanisms, and supporting measures for financial institutions to create credit rating standards suited for existing investments by Taiwanese banks, imply further questions like banks’ overall assessments, contractual review, and risk management. Thus, implementing effective risk identnfication and analysis, and requiring effective risk aversion strategies by the developer, are key factors for the success of project financing, and also important topics for this study. The study includes a “risk assessment report” and “contract agreement guide for offshore wind power project financing.” Finally, it integrates experts’ views of Taiwanese financial institutions investing in offshore wind project financing and problems they have encountered, so that financial institutions can better understand offshore wind power project financing and plan appropriate risk management strategies.