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Carbon Pricing Loses An Important Battle in the US, but Global Momentum Persists

It’s a cliché of political reporting to always note how important the current election is, yet the events of the past few months confirm that the presidential elections in November of last year (and Georgia Senate runoffs in January) were probably in fact the most significant US elections so far this century. With victories in both Georg...

Banks Cautiously Embrace the Full Potential of the Internet

For the first few decades of its existence, the internet was mostly a disappointment. In the very early days, tech optimists foresaw the end of distance, but those hopes were soon quashed, at least in the medium term. Production of some tradeable goods and low-value services moved to China and India, but this outsourcing never added much value for ...

The Pandemic will Drive the Transformation of Industries

Taiwan has been an outlier during the coronavirus pandemic. By preventing community transmission before mid-May, it had been able to carry on mostly as normal, with even activities like singing and drinking at KTV considered completely normal. Many people expected that it would continue in this state indefinitely, until the rest of the world caught...

America is making Keynes great again

The United States Congress in March passed a US$1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, one of the largest stimulus plans in American history. The bill extends $300 per week in unemployment benefits until September 6, provides US$1,400 direct payments to most Americans and their dependents, and offers US$350 billion in relief to state, local and trib...

Taiwan’s Value and Positioning in a Bipolar World

The US and Japan have released a joint statement to the effect that multiple countries may get involved in the case of an armed conflict in the Taiwan Strait. Cross-Strait tensions have become a geopolitical issue of global concern. Whether or not Taiwan and China can peacefully resolve their differences and create a prosperous joint future in East...

Working towards a bilingual nation and more globally oriented financial sector

The Taiwan Banker recently sat down with Leo Seewald, President of AmCham Taiwan, to discuss Taiwan’s bilingual nation initiative, efforts to make the financial sector more globally oriented. Seewald also offered his views on how Taiwan can use fintech to help young people with their financial planning.  Before serving as AmCham’s...
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