Family Support is not an Adequate Solution for Dementia

The problems with Taiwan’s demographic dependency ratio – the number of old and young people for each working-age person aged 15-65– are well-known. According to 2019 figures from the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, its current ratio of 40% is under control, but that number is set to explode in the coming dec...

Taiwan’s Second Wave Requires Impetus from Banks

Anthony Lin entered the financial industry from a less common background: media. Later, working as a speechwriter for HSBC’s China CEO, he witnessed China’s period of explosive growth, which occurred as Taiwan’s “first wave,” largely focused on the hardware industry, was winding down. He returned to Taiwan and worked o...

Vaccines will Write the Final Chapter of the Pandemic

Following the distribution of vaccines in Western countries, lockdowns have ended, and a glimmer of hope has appeared for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged economies around the world. Yet without full vaccination, it will be impossible to re-open the border and preserve daily routines. Only protection from mass vaccination can preve...

Transparency is the Ultimate Solution to Information Asymmetry

The persistent low-interest environment has made customers eager for financial products with returns exceeding deposit rates. Because these products are usually more complex than deposits, though, and are not guaranteed, risk events causing losses may result in disputes or even litigation, harming the image of the industry. In order to eliminate t...

Wealth Management: Turning Good Work into Trust

Following a continuous stream of cases in 2020 in which wealth managers stole large amounts of money from their clients, shaking popular trust in wealth management, regulators have increased their penalties. In particular, as the FSC has assiduously promoted its “New Wealth Management Plan,” aiming to improve Taiwan’s financial co...

Vaccines Arrive Just as New Virus Variants Emerge

In any other year, it would have been a feel-good story. No sooner had a new pharmaceutical technology been perfected, aiming to transform drug development, than a 100-year pandemic arrived. With the world economy on the line, two pioneering companies got the opportunity to demonstrate the new process, becoming household names in the process. A 20...

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