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A Financial Instruction and Practitioner Training Hub
Financial Training & Development Overseas Business
  • Focus on Taiwanese markets, with instructors from the local banking community
  • Financial practitioners are the core training group
  • Increasingly also attended by participants outside of the banking sector including government, academia, industry, and general public
  • Focusing on international training for domestic & overseas financial practitioners
  • Training features international expert faculty with worldwide industry exposure
  • Spectrum of Training Topics

    Competency-based training programs provide banking practitioners with systematic learning paths to navigate challenges and opportunities in their professional life.

    Spectrum of Training Topics Schematic Diagram
  • Training for Core Leaders

    Sophisticated organized training programs to develop leadership at different organizational levels in banks.

    Training for Core Leaders Schematic Diagram
  • Diverse E-learning Models

    TABF provides open on-line courses for banking practitioners, with customized learning schedules and expert insights on hot issues through video broadcast. We have also launched an app to support mobile learning. We approach learning reinforcement using vibrant videos and concise summaries. The video contents are delivered through concise animated storylines, reflecting practical, real-life business scenarios.

    Online exercises and assessments are designed into the training program so that students can check their level of understanding and fine-tune their learning strategy.

    Diverse E-learning Models Schematic Diagram
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