TABF is a non-profit organization, advised by Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) of Taiwan. We are a pioneer in Taiwan for research, training, proficiency testing, and publication services for banking professionals.

With our innovative capacities in financial research and talent development, since May of 2000, when TABF was officially established through the merger of the Banking Institute of the Republic of China (BIROC) and the Banking and Finance Institute (BFI) as an important policy initiative of the financial authorities to strengthen the competitive advantages of Taiwan's financial sector, TABF has played a critical role in all aspects of the modernization and globalization of Taiwanese banks. We have responded to increasing demand for quality banking services and guided bankers through today's highly dynamic and competitive environment.

Additionally, TABF is actively involved in the development of international banking communities to build meaningful connections and strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships, and is playing a role as a regional hub for knowledge transfers between Taiwan and the rest of financial world. For instance, TABF has been honoured to take over as the secretariat office of the Asian Pacific Association of Banking Institutes (APABI), engaging with the total of 21 member countries in the Asia-Pacific to foster exchange and collaboration on financial training and education. Furthermore, TABF has formally joined the Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) in Taiwan to develop international talent by promoting talent connection, cultivation, and circulation between Taiwan and other like-minded countries.

Core Value: The 4 P's of TABF

Our mission is to promote financial education and research, enhance professionalism, and enhance financial literacy through the modernization of finance, not simply to narrowly defend the growth of the industry. Only through continuous self-promotion, efforts to diversify, and growth from the bottom level on up, can we provide the energy for sustainable social growth.

  • PeoplePeople
  • PassionPassion
  • PrecisionPrecision
  • ProfessionalismProfessionalism

The 4 P's have always been our core values. On this basis, taking research and training as our two main focus points, we will lead the financial industry into an era of evidence, and open the door to universal financial knowledge. The targets of our service offerings have expanded from financial personnel to outside industry, commerce, university students, and the general public. This approach has helped us maintain our position at the forefront of the industry, and given meaning to our existence.

Visitors to TABF have always been deeply impressed by the four words written on the stairwell: People, Passion, Professionalism, and Precision – our four core values.

Our former President, Dr. Schive Chi, believed that all financial practitioners must take "People, Passion, Professionalism, and Precision" as their motto. The financial industry involves "person-to-person" service, which means a sincere attitude and kind service. The core of service is dedication, so "Passion" comes after "People." Only through passionate service can work be finished well.

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