Cents and Sensibility:What Can Economics Learn from the Humanities?June 27, 2019

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Dr. Morton Schapiro, President of Northwestern University, recently spoke in Taiwan about his research achievements in the field of behavioral science. Dr. Schapiro's appearance in Taiwan was part of the international lecture series “Cents and Sensibility: What Can Economics Learn from the Humanities?” organized by the Bankers Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan Economic Association (TEA) and Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF).

During his presentation, Dr. Schapiro said that economists often use models to predict decision-making or to quantitatively analyze problems. Integrating humanities subjects such as sociology, anthropology, history, and art, however, would help them make more accurate predictions and increase the realism of their models, he said.

The leadership of the three co-organizers attended the event, including Joseph Jye-cherng Lyu, Chairman of the Bankers Association, TEA Chairman Chen Kong-Pin, TABF Chairman Wu Chung-shu, and Taiwan Financial Holdings President Austin Chan.

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