International FinTech Conference on Digital Transformation of Organization, Talent, and Strategy in BanksSeptember 2, 2020

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On August 26, 2020, TABF held a symposium for bankers featuring international experts on digital transformation. The speakers approached the topic from diverse perspectives in the corporate coaching, incumbent bank, and technology challenger industries.

The first speaker was Ellen Lee, Taiwan Managing Director of DDI, a multinational human resources and leadership development consultancy. Lee argued that leadership is even more important for the success of digital transformation than business models, organizational culture, or processes. Next, Meirav Harel, International Fintech Specialist at MH FINTECH, discussed the difficulty and necessity of replicating the “move fast and break things” model of the technology sector in banks. If the banks fail, she suggested, they will lose competitiveness in the long term. Finally, LIM Him Chuan, Taiwan CEO at DBS, spoke about his bank’s experience and achievements in digital transformation. DBS started its digital journey, which Harvard Business Review called “among the top 10 business transformations of the decade,” as far back as 2014.

With these presentations, participants got better insight into the challenges and opportunities ahead for Taiwanese banks.

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