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Preventing greenwashing with reference to the UK

As ESG investing has been mainstreamed, and corporate board agendas have increasingly considered related issues, identifying and preventing ‘greenwashing’ has become a focus of regulators. In order to prevent greenwashed products from flooding financial markets, the EU has issued three regulations in succession. Although the UK has left...

Democratized private equity instruments could provide new options for Taiwanese savers

Five years ago this March marked the start of large-scale protests which rocked Hong Kong for several months, destroying Beijing’s trust in the political loyalty of its Special Administrative Region. Subsequent security laws broadly diminished Hong Kong’s longstanding reputation for openness, setting off a competition among alternate lo...

A risk dampener for Taiwanese finance

During the April 3 earthquake, the 660-metric-ton golden damper stabilized Taipei 101, allowing Taiwan’s tallest building to once again overcome the challenge of seismic activity and continue facing the future. Taiwan is located in a typhoon and earthquake zone, and breakthroughs in construction technology have strengthened our ability to res...

Finding an outlet for Taiwan’s surging capital

After gathering the Xindian River and the Dahan River, the Tamsui River meanders all the way to the northwest, nurturing all of northern Taiwan. At Guandu, it receives the Keelung River from Pingxi, the “town of sky lanterns.” It eventually becomes the largest river in northern Taiwan, slowly transitioning from freshwater into the sea. ...

Taiwan’s financial industry experiments with AI-driven recruitment

Digital transformation has become a hot trend, and not just in IT, data, and marketing. Following the recent expansion of AI capabilities, its use has gradually spread across industries. Continued technological transformation has given companies that can make use of AI a key opportunity. DBS Bank’s JIM AI system saves 80% of screening time ...

Making a change without destroying a business

Suppose you are a family-owned OEM which has been in business for decades. You clearly have a deep understanding of your product and your users. Now, with the introduction of net zero objectives around the world, you will need to rethink your designs, processes, and even your entire value proposition in relatively short order – ideally long b...
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